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The Contractor in consideration of the total amount above, to be paid in full by the above customer prior to the start of the above event or prior to the above date, will provide the service of Mobile Disco on the above date at the above location for the above indicated performance times.

The services included in Mobile Disco consists consists of music selection from the contractor's music library, and providing suitable equipment to play the music. The contractor will make every effort to play all requests but cannot be held responsible if specific selections are not available. The contractor is not responsible for the purchase of songs not contained in the music library.

The selection of equipment to be used at the event is left to the discretion of the contractor, and is based upon the size and conditions of the event location.

The contractor will provide the customer with a disc jockey at the above event who will play according to the details specified in the terms of this contract. The disc jockey may act as master of ceremonies, where requested, throughout the above event, making any necessary announcements along with playing music.

The customer may request that the disc jockey play longer than the above performance times. The contractor may provide a longer performance if the total balance is paid in full and no other obligations are pending. The customer will be required to pay the Contractor the appropriate rate per hour as agreed at the end of the performance. The maximum playtime permittable of the contractor, is 7 hours from the start time indicated above. The availability of the contractor for overtime cannot be guaranteed.

The customer will provide the contractor with at least one 20-amp AC outlet preferably within 6 feet of the set up area. The contractor, at his discretion, reserves the right to discontinue all or part of equipment usage if the power provided is not capable of operating the equipment without risk of damage to the equipment. This will include the use of sound limiting devices designed to cut mains power supply.

The surface on which the contractors are to play cannot be dirt, gravel, or any other unstable surface. The customer agrees to furnish a facility that completely covers the contractor's equipment from direct sunlight and rain.

If service must be discontinued for any of the aforementioned reasons, the full balance is still due.

The customer will be responsible for any damage, normal wear and tear excluded, to equipment (sound/lighting equipment and/or music library) provided during the above time period, including a one hour set-up and pack-up time period before and after the specific time period stated above, unless damage is due to negligence of the contractors.

The contractors are to play in a safe, non-abusive environment. Any mistreatment or abuse of the contractor in any way will result in the immediate discontinuance of services with full balance still due.

The contractor is not responsible for power outages, nor is the contractor responsible for any equipment that fails at the event. If equipment fails, the contractor will, on a best effort basis, find suitable back-up equipment. The contractor is not responsible for any damage to the hall or building where the services are provided, nor is the contractor responsible for any injuries which may occur.

This contract includes travel on the date of the event for up to 25 miles from office to event (one-way) and ground level equipment access (or ramp/elevator). Customer is responsible for providing parking for the contractor. Contractor will invoice the customer for any such parking fees with payment due upon receipt.

The Contractor reserves the right to add surcharges for extraneous circumstances. Such charges will be notified to the client as necessary.

Notice of cancellation by the customer shall be in writing and delivered to the contractor at least 6 weeks prior to the above event, in which case a full refund, if any due, with exception of the deposit, will be expedited.

If notification is given between 6 and 4 weeks prior to the event, 50% of the contractors service fee will be due to be paid or 50% of the service refunded if already paid.

If the customer cancels within 4 to 2 weeeks prior to the event, 75% of the service fee will be due, similarly, 25% of the service will be refunded.

Cancellation within 2 weeks of the event will incur the full service fee due for payment. The deposit is non-refundable for any reason, even if 42-day notice is given. If the customer, for any reason, is delinquent on payment date above, the unpaid balance will be subject to a late payment charge and interest at 3% above the bank rate at the time of charging.

Forms of payment include cash,cheque or credit/debit card payment through the business's website.

Cheque payment will require to be agreed in advance or paid to the contractor fourteen days in advance to allow for clearance.

Notice of cancellation by the contractor shall be in writing and delivered to the customer before 42 calendar days (6 weeks) prior to the above event, in which case a full refund, if any due, will be expedited including any deposit.

In the case of bookings accepted within 6 weeks of the event, notice will be provided at the earliest opportunity to the customer.

In the unlikely event that the contractor is unable to appear, the contractor will make every effort to find a qualified substitute replacement. In the unlikely event that a replacement cannot be found, the contractor will make a full refund of any fee and/or deposit paid by the customer.

The customer agrees that the refund will be the full extent of damages he or she is entitled to and no further damages may be sought against the contractor.

In the unlikely event that the contractor is delayed and the event does not start on time, or time is lost during the event due to equipment malfunction, the contractor will refund the portion of fees paid prorated to the time lost. The customer agrees that the prorated refund will be the full extent of damages he or she is entitled to and no further damages may be sought against the contractor.

This contract is to be signed and returned by the customer with the required deposit within one week of booking online.

Upon receipt by the contractor, equipment and personnel will be allocated on a first received first served basis for the event date. If the contractor is able to fulfill the requirements of the event, the deposit becomes non-refundable, and all of the terms and conditions of this agreement become binding.

If suitable equipment and/or personnel are no longer available the contractor will return the deposit with a written explanation of the situation.

All written modifications or additions must be agreed upon and initialed by both the contractor and the customer.

No booking will be accepted or treated as confirmed until such times as a valid contract acceptable to the contractor is received.